Sir Ragnar Karlsson, KSCA
Warren Maurer
Elevated by: Edmund and Kateryn
Date of elevation: 28 Jan, 2006
Squired to: Duke Syr Comar Gyr Mirand
was last known to be Inactive and living in the Middle Kingdom
Order of the Gold Mace
Baron Middle Marches
Order of the Red Company
Middle Marches Baronial Champion

Unbelted Champion x 4

On the the Occasion of the Elevation of Ragnar Karlsson

Brave blood-ember brother,
Bearer of mouse's-bane
Son of the gallows-god
Norman's sword grip stands forth
Slaughter-dew bride by his side
Braids of twisted serpent spoils
Gold brows glow with Aegir's gems
Wargeld now a balanced beam

Toast the noble sword-dancer
Offered a place with his peers
Triumphant tree-top king
Declares the trials complete
Riders in chains of Freya's tears
Cry "aye!" to ring-giver charge
Merrily Thor's cloven mother
See a Knight made this day

Ser Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov