Finn Herjolffson
Elevated by: Comar & Lisa
Date of elevation: 08 Feb, 1992
Squired to: Baron Syr Thomas ap Llewellyn
was last known to have left the Middle Kingdom for parts unknown
Welcome to my stall on the Chivalry Web Site. 
In case you are interested here is my Middle 
Kingdom fruit salad (sorry old military term). 

Laurel (Glassblowing)
Dragon's Tooth 
Dragon's Heart
Doe's Grace (Caitlin III)
Royal Vanguard (Comar I)
Purple Fret
Silver Oak (Brewing)
Cavendish Knot
AoA (early period footwear construction)
Royal Augmentation of Arms 
     (In Chief the Middle Kingdom Ensign)

Since this is a chance to learn a little about
the members of our order here are a few tidbits
of information about me.
I had to be talked into fighting, I authorized
in Duke Sir Comar's backyard against Sir Otto
wearing Comar's helmet. (You can't do that
anymore, my next time in armor was probably 10
months later.) 
I was Duke Sir Comar's champion in his first
reign. (Baron Sir Peter van Dorn did a much
better job than I did in Comar & Lisa II but
I am very proud to have served and learned from
During my second reign we made the law that
requires all fighters to be members in the
Middle Kingdom. 
Other achievements during my time on the throne
included legalizing fencing, the creation of
the Order of the Cavendish Knot and creation
of the Red Company. 
My best style is probably sword and shield but
I prefer to fight Greatsword, some weird
weapon, or sword and spear. I fight for the
honor of my Lady, Countess Tamara de Firenze. 

Oh, I am also changing my persona to a 1565
Northern German Duke from 9th century Norseman...
So everyone will here a new weird title...

Hertzog Ritter Finn Herjolfsson