Sir Amaranth Wolfbane, Baron of the Court
Elevated by: Finn and Garlanda
Date of elevation: 13 Mar, 1993
Squired to: Not squired

My namesake is Saint Amaranthus, a 3rd century French monk who was buried in Albi, France. In the 7th century, St. Eugenis built a monastary on that site in the Occitan area. Also known as the Languodoc region of France, I lived in the time of the Troubadours, around the time of the 3rd Crusade (the late 12th century).  I fought the "Church of the Wolf", thus the surname Wolfbane. A vassal of the Count of Toulouse, I fought on the side of the Cathars, known as the "Good Christians", against their persecution by the Pope. 


Order of Chivalry - 1993 

Founding Baron, Fenix - 1994

King's Champion to Ronin - 1992

Unbelted Champions Commander under Ronin - 1992

Order of the Silver Oak

Award of the Purple Fret


Part of Dragon's Teeth award with Darkmoon - 1992