Sir Antonio Cellini
Steve Sturgeon
5607 Senna Ct.
Elevated by: Duke Sir Palymar of the Two Baronies
Date of elevation: 20 Sep, 1997
Squired to: Count Sir Ronin of Darkmoon
was last known to have left the Middle Kingdom for parts unknown
Award of Arms...4 June 94 House Darkmoon...19 Aug.94 Guard to Queen Ilsa von Westfalle...May 93 - Oct 93 Squired to Count Sir Ronin of Darkmoon...29 May 94 Apprenticed (C&I) to: Mistress Katerina Helene Von Schonborn ...29 July 95 Champion of Queen Kateryn Bronwen of Glouchester...May - Oct. 96 Order of the Willow...8 June 96 Undbelted Champions...Pennsic 96 Order of the Red Company ...17 August 96 Order of the Royal Vanguard ...5 Oct. 96 Unbelted Champions...Pennsic 97 Award of the Dragon's Tooth ...16 Aug. 97 Knighted by Duke Sir Palymar ...20 Sept. 97