Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch, Thegn Flaming Gryphon
Phil Freund
9356 Booth Road
Kirtland, OH  44094
lorimer {at} solterraltd {dot} net
Elevated by: Hugo von Feuerklippe
Date of elevation: 16 Aug, 1981


Azure, three thistles slipped and leaved argent

Thegn Flaming Gryphon


Willow (for Dance)  2 November AS XLVIII

KSCA on the field at Pennsic X   (33rd of the Midrealm)

Grant of Arms from service as Earl Marshal  2 May AS XVI

Founding Baron of Flaming Gryphon  13 October AS XIV

Purple Fret  18 August AS XIV

Award of Arms (East)  20 August AS XI


Head of House Fothannan na Reull (Starthistle)