Bran Cuileann mac Muirchu ui Niall, ODH, OE, OSO, APF, AKC, ORC, ODT, AoA
Dearborn-Roaring Wastes, MI  
templar {at} wowway {dot} com
Elevated by: King Dag Thorgrimson III
Date of elevation: 17 Apr, 1999

Compagnie d'Outremer

Outremer Battle Colors

141st Knight of the Middle Kingdom

1203rd KSCA of the Society 

  • Order of Chivalry -- Knight...17 Apr, 1999 (A.S. 33) 
    Order of the Dragon's Heart...13 Feb, 2010 (A.S. 44) 
    Order of the Evergreen...04 Jan, 2003 (A.S. 37) 
    Order of the Silver Oak...25 Mar, 2000 (A.S. 34) 
    Award of the Purple Fret    07 Jul, 1990 (A.S. 25) 
    Award of the Kings Chalice...08 Jan, 2005 (A.S. 39) 
    Order of the Red Company...15 Oct, 1994 (A.S. 29) 
    Award of the Dragon's Tooth...14 Aug, 1997 (A.S. 32) 
    Award of Arms...08 Oct, 1988 (A.S. 23)
    Joined the SCA in 1984
    Found the SCA in 1980


  1. Normans
  2. Crusades  & Outremer
  3. garb: design, making, research
  4. Templars: history, arms, armor, living history
  5. Arabic Culture
  6. Following the longer path