Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov
Craig Israel
Cleveland, OH  
sernickolas {at} yahoo {dot} com
Elevated by: Ragnvaldr & Arabella I
Date of elevation: 17 Jul, 1999
Ser Nikolai's awards and recognitions:

Count (A.S. 51)
Order of the Royal Vanguard (A.S. 45)
Award of the Dragon's Teeth (A.S. 41--Belted Champions)
Award of the Purple Fret (A.S. 41)
Award of the Dragon's Teeth (A.S. 37--Barony of the Cleftlands Battle Unit)
Award of the Purple Fret (A.S. 35)
Order of Chivarly - Knight (A.S. 34)
Award of the Dragon's Teeth (A.S. 32--Pennsic XXVI Unbelted Champions Team)
Middle Marches Baronial Champion (A.S. 32)
Order of the Dragon's Tooth (A.S. 32)
Order of the Red Company (A.S. 31--retired)
Award of the Doe's Grace (A.S. 27)
Order of the Golden Affodil (A.S. 27--Middle Marches award for courtesy)
Order of the Watchful Tower (A.S. 26--Middle Marches award for service)
Award of Arms (April 21, 1990--A.S. 24)

At all times, I fight to preserve the honor of my beautiful and amazingly talented wife, Mistress Serena Kimbalwyke.

"Ser" is an alternative spelling of "Sir" for Rus personas.This title was formerly approved by the College of Heralds, who have since changed their minds and told me it is not approved.

I was Tzar.