Janos Voros
John P. Staeck
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Wheaton, IL  60189
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Elevated by: Rusalan and Margaret, East
Date of elevation: 23 Jun, 1992

Janos has returned to active service, having found that the lands of Trencin still have strong sympathies toward Mate Csak, the late pretender to the throne of Hungary and marked adversary of Charles Robert and his chosen heir, Zigismund, Protector of the Holy Roman Empire.

Janos is a late 14th century Hungarian fighting in support of the Angevin claim to the Hungarian crown.  Having suffered serious injuries in the campaigns he retired to a scholarly, monastic-style life the foothills of the Tatras north of the Danube for several years.  Here he focused on researching an obscure ancestor who lived and fought in that general area during the Great Moravian era. That ancestor may soon be visiting the Midrealm.