Mojmir Augustin (was Janos Voros)
John P. Staeck
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Elevated by: Rusalan and Margaret, East
Date of elevation: 22 Jun, 1992

Mojmir is a 10th century Great Moravian from the area around the confluence of the Dyje and Morava Rivers.  He has fought both with and against the Magyars and the Germans who brought down the Mikulcice dynasty.  He has made what wealth he has by serving as a guide and guard for merchants travelling on the Kiev-Regensburg trade route (through the Raffelstetten toll bar) and up the Morava to Staregard and, more rarely, Hedeby, on the Baltic. 

Joined 8/81, Beloit (c/o Jaravellir, pre-Northshield as a Principality); Lives in the Middle, has lived also in the East and Calontir for significant periods of time.