Ratimir Staryjezvec (was Janos Voros)
John P. Staeck
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Wheaton, IL  60189
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Elevated by: Rusalan and Margaret, East, Made MSCA 12th Night in Ayreton 2016
Date of elevation: 22 Jun, 1992

Ratimir is a 10th century Great Moravian from the eastern portion of the Moravia kingdom (Slovakia/Hungary).  He has fought both with and against the Magyars and the Germans who brought down the Mikulcice dynasty.  He has made what wealth he has by serving as a guide and guard for merchants travelling on the Kiev-Regensburg trade route (through the Raffelstetten toll bar) and up the Morava to Staregard and, more rarely, Hedeby, on the Baltic. 

Joined 8/81, Beloit (c/o Jaravellir, pre-Northshield as a Principality); Lives in the Middle, has lived also in the East and Calontir for significant periods of time.