Kyppyn Kirkcaldy, OP
Kipp Martines
1576 County Road 434
Moulton, AL  35650
syrkyppyn {at} paragonkeep {dot} org
Elevated by: TRM Sabine de Rouen & Gareth
Date of elevation: 09 Jan, 1999


My Persona is a 10th century norseman.


I have been in the SCA since 1989. In addition to SCA combat, I do woodworking,
armor construction, leather craft, and illumination. My household, Paragon Keep,
is comprised of many fighters, artisans, and good gentles dedicated to service
in the SCA.


The Middle Kingdom
Purple Fret - AoA level service award
Augustine Prize 2005- Service to the Chroniclers office
Royal Augmentation of Arms
Order of the Sapphire 
Order of the Silver Oak
Order of the Pelican
Court Barony
Kingdom of Meridies
KSCA - Knight of the Society
CKP- Sovereign’s Pleasure - Service to the King during His Reign
CMM- Meridian Majesty - Service to the Queen during Her Reign
CBM- Bough of Meridies - Grant level Service award
CAS- Argent Shield - AoA level fighting award
GOA - Grant of Arms
CMC- Meridian Cross - AoA level Arts & Science award
CSG- Sable Gryphon - Baronial AoA level award
AOA - Award of Arms

Barony of Thor's Mountain
CRHS- Ram's Horn for Service
CRHF- Ram's Horn for Fighting
CSH- Silver Heart for chivalry to the ladies of the Barony
CAF- Argent Feather - Service to the Baronial newsletter

Barony of Flaming Gryphon
Flaming Brand - Service to the Barony
Gryphon's Plume - Service to the Arts & Sciences
Sable Shield - Service to the Martial Arts

Society Awards
William Black Fox- 2005 for Best Layout