Ragnar Karlsson, KSCA
Warren Maurer
drragnar {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Edmund and Kateryn
Date of elevation: 28 Jan, 2006
Order of the Gold Mace
Baron Middle Marches
Order of the Red Company
Middle Marches Baronial Champion

Unbelted Champion x 4

On the the Occasion of the Elevation of Ragnar Karlsson

Brave blood-ember brother,
Bearer of mouse's-bane
Son of the gallows-god
Norman's sword grip stands forth
Slaughter-dew bride by his side
Braids of twisted serpent spoils
Gold brows glow with Aegir's gems
Wargeld now a balanced beam

Toast the noble sword-dancer
Offered a place with his peers
Triumphant tree-top king
Declares the trials complete
Riders in chains of Freya's tears
Cry "aye!" to ring-giver charge
Merrily Thor's cloven mother
See a Knight made this day

Ser Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov