Cathyn Fitzgerald, KSCA
Cathyn R. McKenna
Southern Shores, West
San Jose, CA  
Elevated by: TRM Caesan and Vanna, Outlands
Date of elevation: 17 Dec, 2000

Earl Cathyn started in the SCA in September of 1980 in a small shire (Caer Mithen Halle, Carlsbad NM) in the southeast corner of the Principality of the Outlands. He has lived in Atenveldt, The Outlands, Calontir, and now the Midrealm. He has served these varied realms in the capacity of Arts and Sciences Minister, Herald, Chronicler, and Earl Marhsal. He was the third Baron of Lonely Tower (Omaha, NE) and the 27th King of Calontir. He holds the singularly trivial distinction of being the last Knight of the 20th Century.

His practical interests and crafts include armoring, brewing and vinting, cooking, costuming, jewelry making, leatherwork, soapmaking, storytelling, woodworking; SCA Law and History, the trivia and anecdotes of the Order of Chivalry; and the persuit and discussion of the Knightly Virtues. His historical interests are battles everywhere; English history, particularly the Saxon era, 100 Years War, and the Civil War; Russian history; and the Roman Catholic Church, its customs, Popes, Cardinals, and Saints.

More information, including Cathyn's thoughts on the Knightly Virtues, can be found on his webpage,