Crispin al-Rumi
Ken Cockrell
Mayfield Heights, OH  44124
klc1967 {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Lucien Philip de Bordeaux
Date of elevation: 01 Aug, 2013

My persona is from the Sultanate of Rum (Turkish: Anadolu Selçuklu Devleti, meaning "Anatolian Seljuk State"he term "Rûm" comes from the Arabic word for the Roman Empire.

The Seljuqs called the lands of their sultanate Rum because it had been established on territory long considered "Roman". late in the 11c ( what we call the 5c after the Prophets ascension)

During the reign of Qilij Arslān the coward Alexios I Komnenos, the Byzantine emperor called upon the western Christians who brought war to us in the form of Jihad. In answer all who follow the teachings of the prophet where called upon to defend our faith and families.

I being the third son of Malik ibn Dawud, a cousin to Muhammad bin Dawud Chaghri the heroic Lion alp Arslan left my scholarly occupation and rode to war. As my birthright I was given command position and we fought like Lions turning back the first waves of unwashed invaders. A short time later we met the true invasion force over one hundred thousand strong at Nicaea and Dorylaeum but were turned back by the overwhelming numbers. The Christian army marched on Anatolia and that city , my home was lost to us as well.. Having no Home to return to we headed to the west to seek what life we could and ran into some Norsemenwho were traveling far from home. Perhaps I will travel with them for a timeand see what comes my way.