Alric of the Mists
Robert Gratton
Columbus, OH  
erotic_jesus {at} hotmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Their Majesties Duncan and Ilish
Date of elevation: 01 Mar, 2008

Per bend sinister purpure and sable, a wyvern sejant within a bordure embattled Or.


Knight                                                                           2008-03-01

Companion of the Gage                                                2006-05-20

Companion of the Millrind                                           2007-07-14

Companion of the Golden Alce                                     2005-01-22

Companion of the Keystone                                         2006-10-14

Companion of the Sycamore                                         2011-08-09

Award of Arms                                                             2003-01-18

Sigil of Aethelmearc                                                     2003-04-05

Sigil of Aethelmearc                                                     2005-04-23

Sigil of Aethelmearc                                                     2007-04-14

Sigil of Aethelmearc                                                     2007-09-15

Sigil of Aethelmearc                                                     2011-04-09

Companion of the Cornelian                                         2009-07-11

Companion of the Golden Thorn                                  2011-01-22

Companion of St Swithin's for Martial Activities          2003-01-18

Companion of St Swithin's for Service                         2003-01-18

Captain of the Guard, Her Majesty Morgen of Rye      2006-2007

Baronial Champion of St. Swithins                               2006-2007

Inter Baronial Champion of Aethelmearc                      2007

Champion of Aethelmearc                                             7/07-9/07

Southern Regional Commander of Aethelmearc           2007-2008

General of the Aethelmearc Army                                 2011-2012

Titan of the Marche                                                       2016-10-01